The Price of Success

Anyone remember David Cameron's "WEBCAMERON" site?

It was a fairly bright idea - for the Tories. A way to use new technology to interact with the people. Take the pi55 out of the guy all you like, but the fact remains that while the message was pithy and bent over backwards to woo the multicultural, he was streets ahead oLabour in the 'getting the image to the people' stakes. But then again even revleft admit the BNP do a far better job in the internet media area thjan anyone else.

And then, one day, it was gone. No more forum in which you could openly question and criticise David Cameron and - provided you kept it clean and reasonably polite - expect to receive a response. No more "direct channel" into which the online electorate could pour their collective heart and mind. An no way for David to feel for himself the pulse of the people.

No more mechanism to comment and criticise Diddy David's lates video flick. I remember when he spent a fortnight living and wlrking with an asian family of rag traders South east of Birmingham I posted a comment saying 'ok david whencan i expect you to come and stay with me for a fortnight so you can see how your last government wrecked my brother's hopes, and how your tax plans will wreck mine'. He never responded, he never came, but my open invitationr emained on the site to the end.

And then one day the end came. One morning "webcameron" was merely a section in the tory party blog. No more adverse comments, no way to criticise, no way to make suggestions. And no contact details. As of that moment it became a set of videos in a showcase and nought buy sycophancy in response.

That was the day I gave up giving the Tories the benefit of my advice. They were happy to take it when I showed Oliver Letwin how Gordon Brown's Tax Policies gave tax breaks to homosexuals and lesbians. They used my advice to make the current Prime Minister look a bloody fool. But like all politicians, they take what they need for their own self gratification and glory, and move on, filling their boots and leaving a wasteland behind them.

I hope others don't follow the Tory example.

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