OK, just for those of you are not aware of the conservative equivalent of the the UAF shite sites, Nothing British was created by conservative party supporters to try and counter the amazing growth of the the British National Party by fabricating stories that would not be out of place on the front page of the Daily Mirror.

However, like the UAF, that their leader David Cameron is a major supporter of, they always wind up shooting their foot off when they try to attack the BNP and their supporters and have done so with some success yet again. 

In a nasty vicious attack on the charity Soldiers of the Street, they have taken exception to the fact that this superb and worthwhile charity whose mission statement may be read here is run by a former member of the British National Party.

Three weeks ago we reported SOTS to the Charities Commission and Trading Standards after we discovered it was claiming to seek charity status and for failing to mention its very close ties to the BNP.

Now unlike the odious Bully Boy Set, I am an ex-servicemen, as are most of my friends and as indeed is the person they attack in their what seems to me a slanderous attack.

one concern is that members of the public are duped into donating money in good faith and that funds end up in the hands of extremists (in this case the BNP).

Now, I have a bit of personal information that I can make you aware of.  Long before the charity SOTS was set up, I spoke to its creator and Director, Bill Murray, about his concerns about the numbers of ex-servicemen forced to live on the streets without support after leaving the armed forces, some of them with damaged minds as well as damaged bodies.

During our conversation Bill, informed me that in order to serve the charity and the homeless soldiers he wished to help, it would be best if he resigned from the BNP as he felt that the former soldiers needs were above party politics and I reluctantly had to agree with him.

Bill Murray is greatly missed by the BNP for his excellent organisational skills but I know that such is his commitment to the welfare of our homeless soldiers that he serving his country in another worthwhile way by helping them find a home off the streets.  I am proud to publish the following response from Soldiers of the Street that I received early this morning.

Thank you for your enquiry to Soldiers Off the Street. (SOTS).

I am aware of the false statements that have been published on “
nothing British” and “Lancaster unity” websites.

Soldiers off The Street was started up by myself after leaving the British National Party and there is no connection with any political party whatsoever.  Our aims are clear for all to see on our website  Soldiers off the Street.

I have never hidden that fact that I am a former bnp member/activist, I have left the political arena for good because I feel that the only way to help improve the lives of the ex personnel was to get up and do something myself. Do they not realise that the only people who would suffer would be the homeless ex service personnel we are trying help?

I welcome any investigation by the Charities Commission and Trading Standards as this would put these labile and slanderous accusations where they belong, in the trash.

Soldiers Off The Street
is a non profit organisation and all monies received are going into the formation of Soldiers Off The Street and helping ex personnel who live on the street.

It is common practice for charitable organisations to register as a LTD company as they would know if they did their research properly, this can be checked out by anyone, just go to Companies House and search for any charity or chritable organisation.

I do hope that the websites mentioned do realise that the false statements and comments on their websites will be open to prosecution when they are proved wrong and suggest that maybe they should have contacted me directly to discuss this matter, instead they contrived these stories instead of fact.

I hope that this clears up any queries you have please contact me if you have any more concerns.

Soldiers Off the Street.